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Ladies of the Square Circle

Welcome to our circle!

We are sixteen of the most creative crocheting women in North America...creating sixteen extraordinary afghans.

The circle is complete.Our members are: Melissa, Ginger, Vims, Debra, Jennifer, Debbie, Froggie, Robin, Francine, Julie, Teri, Lisa, Lora, Pam, Jackie and Kathryn!

This is how our circle worked

  • We designed an 8" square
    or pick our favorite 8" pattern
  • Crocheted 48 copies of our square.
  • Kept three squares for ourselves.
  • Mailed three squares to the fifteen women
    in this circle.
  • Once we receive everyone else's squares,
    we can each assemble our own afghan!
  • The Squares

    If you would like to see some the squares
    we've created for this project:
    Members of LSC
    or see my COMPLETED Afghan

    Ladies of the Square Circle Waiting List!

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