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Anna Hamilton
Born: abt 1811 in Kentucky
Spouse: Isaac Ison
Parents: Benjamon Hamilton and Susannah "Moonglow" Hurst

Nancy Jane Williams
Born: 1 January 1814
Died: 10 January 1897
Spouse: William Ferguson
Parents: Squire John T. Williams and Phoebe Ferguson

Richard Ferguson
Born: 17 September 1832
Died: 15 December 1904
Spouse: 1.Susannah Ison, 2. Jane Ison
Parents: William Ferguson and Nancy Jane Williams

Brehilda Conley
Born: 18 August 1862
Died: 27 July 1935
Spouse: Doctor Ferguson
Parents: Andrew Jackson Conley and Lacretia Patrick

Martha Wag(go)ner
Born: 18 January 1885
Died: 04 March 1963
Spouse: Isaac Tildon Collier
Parents: Isom Waggoner and Mary Polly Henson
Isaac Tildon Collier
Born: 12 September 1881
Died: 08 March 1945
Spouse: Martha Wagner
Parents: Edward Grenville Collier and Lucinda Francis Phillips

Anderson, Bradley, Carter, Collier, Conley, Craig, Crough, Day, Dickenson, Eldridge, Ellis, Evans, Ferguson, Gilliam, Griffith, Gross, Hamilton, Harding, Hargis, Henry, Henson, Hill, Holbrook, Howes, Hudson, Huff, Hurst, Ison, Jarrett, Jennings, Jones, Kelly, Lemaster, Lewis, Leymaster, McCombe, Morgan, Nickell, Ott, Phillips, Rowlett, Skeene, Stanway, Patrick, Waggoner, Waugh, Williams

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