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Old Paul Henson's Land Record

This Indenture made this 8th day of Octr. in the year of our
Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Six Between William Henson   
John Henson  Richard Henson  and Paul Henson the Heirs
of Paul Henson Deceased of the one part and Abraham May of the other
part all of the County Wilks and State of North Carolina. _________
that for and in Consideration of the sum of four Hundred Pounds Good
and Lawfull of the state aforesaid to them in hand paid the Receipt
whereof they doth Acknowledge and themselves fuly satisfyed and 
Paid and by these presents doth Bargain Sell and convey unto the said
Abraham May a certain tract or parcel of land Containing one hundred 
and fifty acres be the same move on Lefo Lying and being in the County
of Wilkes and State aforesaid on the North fork of New River Begining
at a Red oak above Horse Creed hence south one hundred and fifty 
three poles to a red oak on the south side of the North fork hence West one
Hundred and fifty three poles to a Red oak on the North side of the North 
Fork thence North one Hundred and fifty three poles to a White Oak on a 
Ridge thence East on Hundred and fifty three poles to the first station
Together with all wood waters Mines Minerals Herds laments and 
Appendunances to the said Land Belonging or in any misc Appertain-
ing to the have and to hold to him the said Abraham Amy his heirs and
Assigns forever and the aforesaid heirs of Paul Henson Deceased doth
Covenant and agree the said Abraham May his heirs or assigns
shall at all times forever hereafter Lawfuly and peaceably pocess and
enjoy the said Bargained premises free and Clear of all encumbrances
and Claims under him or them in Testimony here of we the said heirs of 
Paul Henson Deceased hath hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals
the Day and Date above mention
Signed sealed and Delivered			William X Henson
in the presence of 				John X Henson
						James X Henson
James Bumgard				Richard X Henson
Wm. Bumgard 	 (wrote on the back thus)	Paul X Henson
		     North Carolina
                             Wilkes County          May Term 1797
                                                              The ____  Deed nead Duly proven in 
open Court by the oath of James Bumgard Esgr. and ordered to be Registered
                                                           Test Wm B ____ ____

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