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Ladies of the Square Circle
"The Sweet 16"

Started May '99

We are:
Melissa, Marie D, Marie P., Kathleen, Kathie, Mary, MaryEllen, Jocelyne, Jenn, Jeanne, Jackie, Debra, Francine, Priscilla, Terry and, of course, the lovely Lisa!

This is how are circle works:
  • Design a 6" (15cm) square or pick your favorite 6" (15cm) pattern
  • Crochet 48 copies of your square
  • Keep three squares for yourself
  • Mail three squares to the fifteen women in this circle.
  • Once you receive everyone's squares, assemble your afghan.
    See our squares:
  • Patterns!
    We have all our members!
    If you would like to be added
    to the waiting list
    Email me

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