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My review of:
Big Girls Don't Cry
AKA: Große Mädchen weinen nicht

I must admit, I started out having my doubts about this film since my only reason for buying it was to hear the music by Andreas Mattsson and Niclas Frisk. It sat on my table for over a week until I could find a quiet moment to watch it without my kids around...seeing as how it has an R rating.

Please be aware that I am an American so I had to prepare myself for the European standards for sex in films. I don't think it's a matter of being prudish, it's more a matter of custom and what one is used to seeing and not seeing in films. With that said...I wouldn't want to be an American teenager watching this movie for the first time with my parents present! ;-)

And so, the opening credits start while two girls are peeking through a locker room door at naked boys taking a shower. Seemed odd to me that just then, the music credit popped up with Andreas Mattsson's and Niclas Frisk"s name plastered across the naked asses of young boys! hahaha Just a funny observation on my part...

For the first several minutes of the film, the two main characters, Steffi and Kati, spent a lot of time hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc. I don't have a problem with it, except that I felt that the people who made the film were going for shock value and the prospect of what these two might do...which ended up being nothing...but I guess they needed some way to get boys to watch what some might considered a Chick Flick.

Another point of annoyance to me was the character of Kati's mom...way over done! The way the part was played, the woman needed some serious Prozac.

Other than what I've already mentioned, the movie developed into a nice story with actual depth. I very much enjoyed the film and would highly recommend it.

As for the music: I liked what I heard...though, reading subtitles can be really difficult while trying to listen to lyrics! LOL I look forward to hearing the soundtrack in it's entirety when I can manage to get a copy of it. (note: my daughter is currently studying in Italy and I'll have her acquire a copy to bring me in December '03.)

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