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Popsicle starts in the Mega City Four - or Manic Street-Preachers-Liga, if you compare Sweden to England. Pop music for people in their twenties, who only lived Punk rock in its final phase, who only love three, maybe four hooklines of the Beatles and who are only able to cheer on their Stars with shining eyes. Stars, who of course, live next door and from whom you can borrow coffee and cigarettes to wake up on a Sunday. Popsicle writes life-important pop songs. And when the sing "If you go away" in a camp-like manner on "Histrionics", I could still cry on, it is so beautiful. All together, they have calmed down a bit and they have moved away from the untamed Husker Du-phrases in favor of more sugar sweetness, which does not harm the quality. Hopefully they will be as big here as in their home country. Thomas Wegner

Translated for me by a friend of a friend!