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Tarot Scopes for March 5-11

Aries- Six of Swords
Get ready for a new and exciting adventure this week. This could involve a trip to a body of water.

Taurus- Nine of Cups (reversed)
Be careful of errors. Check details this week to help avoid losses

Gemini- Eight of Shields
Enjoy your work and itís rewards. A good time to go out and learn a new skill or trade.

Cancer- The Priestess (reversed)
Looks to be an emotional week ahead. A good time to meditate on a subject before taking action.

Leo- Judgement
A great week ahead bringing new beginnings and a new sense of self-purpose.

Virgo- King of Shields
Great week for using your money skills. Also, look for a trusted man of authority.

Libra- Justice (reversed)
Be true to yourself and your feelings this week. If need be, wait until next week to make commitments.

Scorpio- The Moon
Intuition is up this week. Look inside of yourself for your answers.

Sagittarius- Page of Cups
Good news comes your way this week. Expect children to play a role.

Capricorn- The Horned One (reversed)
Breath. Look beyond the surface of trouble situations and act accordingly, appropriately and with good judgement

Aquarius- The Fool
A week of folly ahead. Clear your desk, take care of responsibilities and go out and play if you can.

Pisces- King of Spears
You connect well with friends and people this week. A great time for social functions and finding love.

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