Crochet Star
designed by Jenn Vanderslice
on Dec. 14, 1999

Hook: 7
Measures: 1.5 inches
Thread: size 10 Knit Cro-Sheen white/gold

(Row 1)
Ch4. Slst to first ch forming loop. Round 1-Ch5. (dc in lp, ch2) 4 times. Slst to 3rd ch in ch5.

Round 2-Ch10, sk ch2 sp, sc in dc.(Ch9, skip 2ch space, sc in dc) 3 times. Ch9, slst in 1st ch of ch10.

Round 3-Slst in 1st ch. (Sc in next 4 ch. 2sc in next ch. Sc in next 4 ch. Skip sc) 5 times. Slst in 1st sc.

Finish off.

1999 Jenn Vanderslice

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